MVO meeting
8 - 9 october 2018

In October, from all over Europe the managers of the foreign offices flew in to Eindhoven and locked themselves up in the presentation room. Review of the past season, budget negotiations, international projects, development of Iris Parc, forecast for next season, international tv commercial, presentations from other departments and several hot actual topics were discussed and handled. Always inspiring and helpful to learn from each other, to discuss issues with the team and to commit on strategic decisions for the future.

However, the everlasting highlight of every mvo meeting is…… the diner! As always, some colleagues from the headquarter joined us.

Many thanks to Karin, who prepared a delicious meal for all these hungry bellies. It was an honour to be your sous-chef and waiter!

Jeroen Callewaert, VDE

MVO meeting 28-30 January 2019

New form of MVO meeting

The first annual MVO meeting of 2019 was held at the end of January at the headquarters in Eindhoven. All country managers were present, constructing and contributing to a new way of working in the meeting.

In the past, MVO meetings have contained a lot of information and presentations, mainly given by department managers and directors based in Eindhoven. The country directors functioned as the recipients of the information.

This time, the meeting was planned through the joint effort of Brand Manager Leòn Heutjens, Director of Germany Jeroen Callewaert and myself.

The country directors were divided into three groups and the theme of the work shop was the planning and implementation of a scheduled approach to the MVO meetings. The schedule takes into consideration the natural fluctuation of seasons in Vacansoleil and will determine the themes of future MVO meetings.

The directors got valuable input for the planning from both the product department and the e-commerce department. Input was given by product managers Eric Müller and Martine Staepelaere and Online Channel Manager Peter van Klinken, who participated in the workshops.

Both the first and the second meeting day ended with a lovely and cozy dinner with colleagues from Eindhoven, invited by each MVO.

I’m happy to say that the meeting was a success due to the committed participation of everyone involved.

Karin Lema, VDK

Digital innovation for our international meetings @vacansoleil

On October 17th we introduced a new innovative way to organise an international meeting :

we organised the first international meeting with all the coordinators of sales & customer service with a teleconference.

For this we used the tool ;

This tool allows you to share a presentation, chat, speak or even videoconference with several people at the same moment wherever they are in the world. The meeting can even be recorded so you are able to "view" the meeting afterwards.

During the meeting we invited several people from different departments in Eindhoven to join in to discuss several topics in the meeting.

At a certain moment we had 15 people joining the meeting from 10 different locations throughout Europe.

With this new technique we saved a lot of money (flights, hotels, meals) but also a lot of (travel) time.

Of course a good and strict agenda, good preparation by all participants and some basic "videoconference" rules had to be respected. This first meeting - 8 hours - was a success. Other departments followed the good example : Vacansoleil MVO, content marketing department, product presentations etc ...

A new modern technique, cost and timing saving and efficient way to meet and share ideas which brings the countries closer to each other was introduced @vacansoleil and will for sure be repeated in the future. All participants were very enthusiastic.

Pierre Fivet, VBE

Content Collaboration Day:

On the 4th of December we organised the Content Collaboration Day for all content employees from the Vacansoleil offices. We organised this already in the past, but now we had the meeting for the first time via the GoTo system. The organization was in hands of Jeroen Callewaert, Leòn Heutjens and Karin Beks. We invited the content employees to send us the 3 most challenging daily work subjects. Out of these subject we’ve chosen 3 topics, and invited the corporate specialist who deals with these subjects to prepare an inspiring session. Topics we talked about were: finding appropriate media content (pictures and videos) for all channels, employee development and organic reach on social media.

3 inspiring sessions, in which we learned the positive way of communicating via Go To. We also learned that in some points a Go To meeting requires other kind of preparations than a “live session”, but with these learnings we can develop the CCD meetings in the future. In the end of the first session, the content employees chose 3 trending topics in the marketing field. They formed groups, and those groups prepared a plan for those topics in the next week. They presented their plans in the meeting a week later.

Karin Beks, Corporate Brand Marketing

Internal relocation head office

In the first weeks of December a giant move took place in the head office in Eindhoven.

After ELS left the Vacansoleil building, the different departments in the head office moved to another part of the building.

The entire operation went smoothly and everybody is now installed on their new places.

On the ground floor you can now find the departments Finance and VNL Sales and Customer services. On the first floor on the right you'll find IT and Procurement, and on the left side Product, Yield, E-Commerce and Corporate Brand Marketing.

Ruud van Ballegooij, HR