Out of office:

Eugene Notten

“It’s a creative hobby, and that’s what I like about it.”

Hi colleagues,

Photography for me is more than a hobby. It’s really a passion which I discovered when I was 16.

In the days of rolls of film, before digital cameras. I worked in a photo store and learned to be a photographer for weddings etc...

On holidays I always carry my Photo-gear around. My favourite subjects are Animals in the wild , landscapes, people, architecture. Recently I made a trip to Uganda anda there you can see all these subjects.

It’s a creative hobby, and that’s what I like about it. I can be busy with my Photos for hours on my computer. On my website www.eugene-photogallery.nl. You can see that its more than a hobby for me.

Last summer Vacansoleil asked me to take pictures at Campsites. This is a very nice addition to my regular work. I visited campsites in the Netherlands and Belgium. Those pictures are now being used on the Vacansoleil website.

Greetings Eugène Notten, Facilities