Out of office:

Filip Krapels

“I’m happy here on this huge piece of land.”

There is a strong wind outside and it is pretty cold. The rain showers come and go. Almost no one would want to be right in the middle of a large field at this moment, wearing Dutch clogs, wading through the mud ...

but I’m happy here on this huge piece of land, no matter what the weather conditions are. This is due to my great hobby: searching with a metal detector!

As a child I already walked across fields and fields in search of stones and shards. When I was about 14 years old, I got my first (simple) metal detector. I can still remember when I found my first coin. For me a special moment. Of course I always kept that coin.

About 10 years later I purchased my first professional metal detector. Then I really got a taste for it and things moved pretty fast ... Although "fast" is not the right word. You really need patience and happiness when you go out with a metal detector.

But what you should not do is to go and search in the gardens of Vacansoleil board members. Many years ago , in Maarheeze, I found years the remains of an old swimming pool in the garden ... full of Citroen car parts. In the garden of another member of the board I only found bottle caps from beer bottles ...





No, patience and happiness, they are important ... because sooner or later: it’s bingo !! Here are some of the special finds that I have done in recent years:

  • Coin treasure with coins from the 17th-19th century (photo 1);
  • Celtic coin from 54 BC. with the scientific name: Eburonenstater Scheers 31 Type 2 (photo 2);
  • Filligrain golden jewel of about 200 years old (photo3);
  • Spanish Double Golden Ducat from about 1520 (photo 4);

But searching with a metal detector is for me a fantastic hobby with the occasional ... golden edge ...

Filip Krapels, Corporate Brand