Once upon a time…

Three “beautiful” Disney princesses showed up in the Vacansoleil cantina.

And then the statue of liberty walked in, and then a guy that was half eaten by a shark, and then an Indian and two thieves showed up. What the peep was going on!?!

Ahhh, it’s that time of the year the again: Vacarnavaleil 2019 had just started! This means pizza, burgers, beer, Avocado shots, nice costumes and “lovely” Carnaval music! As this was the third time Vacarnavaleil was being held, and some of our die-hard Carnaval colleagues had left Vacansoleil, we were curious about the amount of people showing up. But it turned out that we had even more Carnaval lovers in the building than previous editions! 27 party people in the cantina and they all enjoyed a delicious pizza or burger while watching the Vacarnavaleil musicvideo mix with special guest Dirty Jack in the mix!

Around 8 PM it was time to take this party to a higher level: the city center of Eindhoven where around 10 more party people showed up to join us in the big tent amongst thousands of other party animals. We danced, we drank, we laughed, all while some A-class artists were performing on stage. While some of us were ready to go home around 1 AM, a small group continued the party in Irish Pub O ’Shea’s. But as the old saying says: what happens in the Iris Pub, stays in the Irish pub… (Although some pictures might give it away already) Curious what you missed out on? Feel free to join us next year on Friday the 21st of February!

Thank you all for a lovely evening and see you all next year!

Dick van Meijgaard, Webshop Development

Pssst! The next Avocado event will take place on June 14th: Foute Vacans Fiesta Hot Spring BBQ 2019