A Day with...

Inge van Ballegooij

Every morning at 09.15 AM, we, the Coresoleil development team, gather for a short stand-up. Briefly we inform each other what we’re working on and what we need or who we need to reach the goals for that day.

Today we skipped the stand-up because of a meeting for a refinement. The only available meeting room is too small for our team, we like some fresh air, therefore Suzanne arranged a meeting on our local campsite on the first floor.

During the refinement we discuss new Coresoleil tickets for new functionalities or for bugs, to make it clear for everyone on the team what has to be created, fixed and tested. When this is done we ’play poker’. With scrum cards we vote per ticket how much time we think it’s gonna take us to finish it. The average estimate is used and Patty can plan the next sprint of two weeks.

After the refinement we change desks into a more logical position. For me it means a desk next to Iwan, also a tester in our team.

Then, it’s time for lunch. With a group of colleagues (the number is growing, that’s nice) we go for a walk, enjoy the fresh air, and socialize.

After our lunch walk I check on the board, where all tickets for the concerning sprint are visible, to pick up a ticket to test it. I try to think of all possible cases and situations that can occur when users of the application will work on the concerning functionality. For every test I log the results to clarify to the developers what is approved or where and when I found defects that needs to be solved.

In the afternoon Iwan gives me an explanation about automatic testing and shows me the automatic tests he created during my holiday. It’s amazing to see how 166 tests can be run in only 40 seconds.

I answer a few more mails and then my work is done for today, let’s go home!

Kind regards,

Inge van Ballegooij, IT