MVO meeting 25-26 November 2019

From the 25th to the 26th of November, the MVO colleagues met at the head office in Eindhoven.

The purpose of the meeting was for the MVOs to get information and insight into the changes that are currently taking place and to provide the new management team with information about our local markets.

The MVO team got the chance to help define the new value proposition for our brand through a small workshop on Tuesday afternoon and the team was also invited to participate in centralized projects. The theme of the two days was openness and communication.

After a long day of meetings, Agata from Poland, Emese from Hungary, Suzanne from Ireland, Karin from Denmark and Jacky from The Netherlands discussed the happenings of the day in more relaxed settings in the hotel lobby.

Early booking campaign 2020

The new Vacansoleil corporate team, led by Yield, E-commerce, Sales and Marketing has created its first joint campaign: the early booking campaign. This is the first step towards creating a marketing calendar which, in the future, will form the basis for all our promotional activities.

We have also used all input gathered from the local offices to create a campaign with a crystal clear message.

Our first corporate sales campaign proved to be a huge success!

The campaign had been live since the 7th of November and has achieved the impressive result of an increase in bookings of 44% compared to those in 2018 (measured during the same period).

Because of this huge success, there was decided to extend the early booking campaign by 3 weeks until the 15th of December.

New Direct Mailing campaign to be launched in the Netherlands!

The idea:

On the 3rd of January 50.000 Dutch people will receive a personalised Vacansoleil mini brochure through their letterbox. This joint venture by the marketing and E-commerce departments was created to stimulate customers who have previously booked with us to continue their holiday experiences with Vacansoleil next year. We intend to create a sense of trust and send the message that we know our customers well, by giving them a personalized piece of promotional content that matches their interests.


We have developed brochures for 3 different target groups:

Families with kids up to 12 years old:

  • Focused on swimming pool facilities and the campsite.
  • The entertainment, region and things to do are of secondary interest.

Families with kids up to 18 years old:

  • Focused on more exciting swimming pool facilities and the region itself.
  • This target group enjoys a combination of having fun swimming and whizzing down slides and fun days out on day trips.

Older couples (Average age is 56):

  • Are more focused on day trips and seeing the surrounding area.
  • Swimming pool facilities are of secondary importance here and they tend to holiday outside of the peak holiday season.

The brochure will provide each different target group with information which appeals to their specific interests.

We have personalised both the Introductory and outside spreads, by addressing readers by their Christian name and reminding them about their last holiday with Vacansoleil and mentioning the campsite they stayed at.

The inside of the brochure consists of the top 15 campsites responsible for the most bookings within each different target audience. The way the campsites are presented has been aligned with the interest areas of our customers within each specific target audience. We have used large photos and short, inspiring copy to encourage interest in going on holiday.

A print to web campaign to create extra traffic for

An important objective of this brochure is that it should generate extra traffic for the website.

That’s why every campsite has the following print2web elements:

  • Copy which directs customers to the website if they want more information
  • QR-codes which direct people to a specific campsite page (With tracking codes)
  • Customized urls which direct customers to a specific campsite page


This project is a test case for the Dutch customers for now. If we see clear and positive results for this campaign, this can lead to the proposal being rolled out in a broader form (Different countries and target audiences). The digital files of the brochure will be delivered to the printer well before Christmas, so that they fall through the letterboxes on the 3rd of January!

We are very curious about the results!