Tremendous team effort makes Birkelt shoot a
great success!

What do you get when ELS and Vacansoleil all ask for video and photo material for different usage? A complicated project which needs precise planning, organization and a lot of creativity. This requires a close knit team of different disciplines and concise collaboration. This required a big team effort and the newly renovated Birkelt campsite was chosen as the perfect location.

Leòn handled all planning and organization, Daan the casting of guests, children and colleagues at the campsite. Saskia motivated, guided and assisted the colleagues of the animation team through the scripts and Yvette saw to it that every detail in scene-prep was managed well. Martine made sure everyone involved had a place to sleep and that all our colleagues at the campsite knew we were coming. Multi-talented Eugène Notten, our facility manager, took care of the photography and our multimedia designer Thomas Heidstra shot all the video and added great value with his direction during the shoot. This team complimented each other well and worked extremely hard to make this project go smoothly.

We enticed guests already at the campsite into becoming actors with the promise of a free midweek holiday, although they were so enthusiastic they’d have probably done it for nothing. The task ahead was a big one. We had just 3 days to shoot the new swimming pool, new zone with accommodations, the new playing field, the campingtainment programme, camping cadets, several services and the receptionist and host activities.

This was an exciting pilot project, as we had previously always used external production companies for these types of projects, but in the spirit of cost reduction and knowledge that we have competent and creative colleague we headed to Luxembourg on Sunday the 25th of August with a lot of confidence.

The shoot had originally been planned earlier, 18/8, but we had decided to delay it as the weather forecast was not good that week. This decision turned out to be a good one and we were blessed with wonderful weather during the shoot and the sun came out strongly and provided the perfect light for our shoot. The results were amazing and we now have fantastic photography and video material we can use on the website, social media and brochures. We learned that there’s nothing we can’t achieve if we share our strengths and use the hidden talents within our company.

Leòn Heutjens


Watch the
video here!