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Soleil Times

3rd edition

It’s December 2019 already. Lot’s of developments have been going on within Vacansoleil; A new more durable Vacansoleil is being prepared for the future. Although we had hoped to give you a new Soleil Times much earlier, these developments caused us to postpone the creation of it until now. Before you now, there is a new edition of the Soleil Times with more news items than ever!

I want to thank you all for sending in your interesting stories and beautiful images that make these Soleil Times shine. I also have a special thanks to Suzan for creating this 3rd digital edition: Well done! Please take your time and see for yourself what’s going on with your colleagues. And for the ones I will not meet shortly I would like to say: Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

Leòn Heutjens


Out of office

Brewing beer with Martijn van Asten

Shoot Birkelt

Tremendous team effort, great success!

Vacansoleil dog

The story of streetdog Benno